August 83 was Born from the popular Houston cover band called Spare Parts. Inspired by artists like Sting, Toto, Pink Floyd, Sheryl Crow, Elton John Heart & Queen, their sound is a mix of Pop, Rock & Funk. Lead singer Linda Lambert’s extraordinary vocal prowess lends heartfelt vocals to their melodic songs. Songwriter & Guitarist, Mike Lambert’s songs are memorable & novel. Lambert’s vocals are complimented by keyboardist Jeff Ball’s sophisticated piano lines. Drummer, Dale Bankston and bassist Marco Yepez drive the band as a solid, hard hitting rhythm section and Dan Carpenter’s soulful sax is a signature part of the August 83 sound. Their first original CD “Music From Bedrooms” has been described as "Pop for Grownups" ~ Joey Guerra Houston Chronicle

August 83 is:

Linda Lambert - Vocals & Percussion
Mike Lambert - Guitar and Vocals
Marco Yepez- Bass & Vocals
Dale Bankston-Drums & Vocals
Dan Carpenter - Sax
Jeff Ball - Keyboards